The beer in Seville – much more than a tradition

The beer in Seville – much more than a tradition

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Some will say that it is the wine, others will say the rebujito but there is no doubt: the official drink of Seville is the beer. Moreover, if you are a lover of beer and have been visiting the capital of the Guadalquivir these summer months you can confirm the following statement: there is no place in the world where they serve a colder and richer beer than in Seville.

More than a tradition, in Seville beer is a religion. Beer is enjoyed at noon in the Plaza del Salvador to keep the hunger at bay, “because it is cool and goes with everything”, beer is drank in the afternoon as a treat after work and it is also drank during dinner because it is always delicious.

As there is nothing better than a cold beer after a morning of cultural sights, this month – at Petit Palace – we give you the names of those Sevillian temples in which to enjoy a beer like never before.

Las Columnas

Next to the Petit Palace Santa Cruz is the bar Las Columnas. A place that becomes a meeting point at sunset and is characterised by something very Sevillian: beer is requested inside (at the bar) and is taken out onto the street. Famous for being frozen and accompanied by a plate of olives, the beers in Las Columnas are the ideal starting point to an authentic ‘beer crawl’ in Seville.

La Antigua Bodeguita

In this small bar located in the magical Plaza del Salvador (less than 10 minutes from Petit Palace Marqués Santa Ana) that cannot fit more than 6 people inside. So how is it possible, therefore, to be one of the most famous in the city centre? Simple, because it has a score of tables located outside in “al fresquito” in which to enjoy some beers sitting on a comfortable wooden bench.

If, in addition to beer, if you are feeling a little peckish, you must try the delicacies at this place, such as the palometa or toast with salmorejo.

El Tremendo

About 10 minutes from the Petit Palace Canalejas Seville is El Tremendo, the most famous brewery in Seville and a place where more than 100 people can be assembled in less than an hour. The secret? Its cold beer accompanied by a plate of lupin beans.

They say, in fact, that no one who considers himself a true “beer lover” should leave Seville without trying the beer “below zero” that el Tremendo serves.


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