The best restaurants to eat “from the spoon” in Bilbao

The best restaurants to eat “from the spoon” in Bilbao

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It’s as simple as a stroll down whichever street in Bilbao to see for yourself that in the north of Spain, the cold has come to stay for some months. However, although the temperatures are really low in some moments of the day, visiting the Basque country capital in December allows you to see the city in one of its most beautiful moments. Of course, to enjoy the experience fully you must gain some energy with the warm gastronomic specialties.

With the maximum of Bilbao it is a place of good eats and more than just the traditional “pintxos”, the capital of Basque Country is a land of stews, spoon-style dishes, and grandmother’s recipes. Where are the inns and gastronomic centers hidden where you can taste the warm spoon-style menus? This month in Petit Palace we give you some examples of those “finger licking” places.

El Arandia de Julen

Two streets from the Bilbao river and about 10 minutes by car from our Petit Palace Arana Bilbao you can find El Arandia de Julen, a restaurant of table clothes, pots and spoons where you flee from the cold with a good warm homemade dish.

As well as it’s menus for children and/or vegetarian customers, El Arandia de Julen is famous within and outside of the Basque Country for its beans; one of those recipes that revitalizes the mind and body and that leaves us perfectly for enjoying a stroll through the city (also recommended after a siesta).

Restaurant Etxanobe

The Euskalduna Palace of Bilbao (relatively near to the Hotel Petit Palace Tamarises) gives refuge to one of the best gastronomic center of the Basque capital: the Restaurant Etxanobe. This restaurant is ideal for all those that want to escape the cold with a magnificent gastronomic tribute.

This restaurant, besides having been given many international awards of gastronomy (among those a Michelin Star), is famous for seeing the traditional Basque cooking as a base for something more. Like this you can taste a traditional stew as the beginning into an unknown culinary dimension.

Restaurant Aitxiar

If what you really want is to taste a bit of the history of Bilbao, your path brings you to choose the Aitxiar Restaurant. A restaurant of traditional Basque food that has for one of its star plates the popular “cazuelita de callos” and “morros a la vizcaína con taquitos de jamón”.

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