The best tennis players in the world meet at the Mutua Open Madrid

The best tennis players in the world meet at the Mutua Open Madrid

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Known as the month of flowers, May is also the time of year in which world class sporting events take shape that go beyond the traditional Champions League matches. With the exciting slogan of “The best players in the world return to Madrid’, this year’s Mutua Open Madrid, the most important tennis tournament in our country, will come to the capital; an event that will take place between 5 and 14 May this 2017.

Are you thinking about enjoying a few days off in the capital and want to be more thrilled than you’ve ever been with top class competition tennis? If your answer is a definite “yes” then don’t forget to look up in your travel guide the location of La Caja Mágica (the magic box).

In addition to being the stage where the MadCool festival takes place, this multi-purpose stadium is located in the well-known San Fermín district – about 15 minutes by car if you take the Petit Palace Madrid Aeropuerto as your starting point – every year welcomes the most outstanding tennis players in the world.

Seven courts and ten days of competition at the highest level that will be filled with life, rhythm and emotion in which will be the fifteenth edition of Mutua Open Madrid. How to enjoy it to the fullest? Take note of our recommendations.

How to get to La Caja Mágica?

The neighbourhood of San Fermín is quite far from the historical centre of Madrid (and about 20 minutes by car from our hotels Petit Palace Chueca – Madrid and Petit Palace Embassy Serrano), so you need to make sure you know its location to avoid getting lost in the narrow streets and housing estates that have grown in the area.

Taking the 180 Legazpi shuttle line is the best option for those who prefer the urban bus (especially since it makes the journey without stopping), but those who would prefer to go about by metro should look for line 3 when they go through ‘Orcasur’.

The things you must do to enjoy the experience

The date in which this tournament takes place convinces a lot of people who come to the Caja Magica in Madrid that summer has already arrived in the capital.

Although the temperature in this first half of May is quite pleasant during the day, we mustn’t forget that we are in the centre of the country and that the thermometer usually drops by 15 degrees at nightfall. The solution? Light, fresh clothes and a good hat for matches during the day and a light pullover for matches that take place in the evening.


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