The count down for the Biennial Flamenco Festival in Seville

The count down for the Biennial Flamenco Festival in Seville

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Although the most longed for moment of the year for the people of Seville takes place in the Real de la Feria with the arrival of the beautiful and traditional Feria de Abril (April Fair), there is also an event that takes place every two years that is noted in red in the diaries of the commercial establishments and above all, those lovers of flamenco and the Biennial Flamenco Festival in Seville.

It takes place between 8th September and 2nd October, and the Seville Biennial Flamenco Festival is something like the most pure example of flamenco culture in the region, the community and indeed, Spain. A meeting with an international character that comes to life for and because of flamenco and which attracts every two years thousands of spectators and around fifty world-renowned flamenco artists. Something like a hugh showcase of musical tradition, pure and unadulterated, which in 2016 celebrates its 18 eighteenth edition with artists of the most pure flamenco to those who are experimental and take risks.

With diverse locations throughout the city, to live the Seville Biennial Flamenco Festival is one of those experiences that you cannot miss. Where can you enjoy the most outstanding shows? Today we are going to give you some recommendations:

Dani of Moron at the Reales Alcazares

The Reales Alcazares, a unique location which you will find just a few metres from our hotels Petit Palace Santa Cruz y Petit Palace Marques de Santa Ana, has been chosen by the guitarist Dani Moron to present his new artistic project “21”. This work also has the voices of such professionals as Estrella Morente and Miguel Poveda who on 21st September will add extra magic to this beautiful place in Seville.

The magic of the Morente at the Maestranza Theatre

Another of these places that are worth living the magic of the Biennial Flamenco Festival in Seville is the well known Maestranza Theatre, just a very short distance from our hotel Petit Palace Canalejas Seville and where the long awaited concert of Estrella Morente with the dancer Antonio Canales will take place. The date? This coming 9th September.

Flamenco at the Santa Clara Cloister

Experts say that the Santa Clara Cloister is a place where flamenco converts into an authentic experience, something magical. At this point of the city there will be various shows offered and the most notable is the concert offered by the guitarist Pepe El Habichuela, a concert that will take place on Sunday 25th September.

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