The ideal getaway: Bilbao in two days

The ideal getaway: Bilbao in two days

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There may be more ways of escaping the boring daily routine than we could possibly imagine, but it’s true that nothing works as well as going travelling. When we travel we feel like we are part of an experience, setting our own pace and route through actions that further us from stress. Why not take advantage of a weekend and experience an adventure at a unique destination?

Our suggestion for this cold month of February is to enjoy Bilbao in two days. A total of 48 hours, and during this time you will get to know everything about the city’s gastronomic offer and discover the most well-known highlights of a place that leaves no one indifferent. Are you up for it? Then grab a pen and a paper, because this is your route for two days in the Basque capital.

Day 1: Making contact and essential visits

With its palette of colours and cold humidity (which makes the hillsides sport intense shades of green), Bilbao is a warm place insofar as it receives all visitors with open arms, an aspect that makes the first impression and getting used to the city a delightful experience.

Your daily rhythm will have changed slightly since you have been travelling, so our suggestion for your first morning in Bilbao is that you enjoy some essential spots, such as the Puente de Portugalete, the Guggenheim Museum (located not far from the Petit Palace Arana Bilbao) and the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum.

Later on, when afternoon makes an appearance in Bilbao, nothing could be nicer than walking along the water, being enveloped in its magic (but definitely make sure you don’t forget a hat and gloves, because the experience may be beautiful, but also freezing).

Day 2: Culture and cuisine in the centre of Bilbao

Once you have familiarised yourself with the climate and pace of Bilbao, we suggest you capture the essence of its world-leading gastronomy on your second and last day in the Basque capital, making sure it’s a memorable experience for all your senses. Even if you can get to the centre of Bilbao in less than half an hour staying at the Petit Palace Tamarises, getting around on a bike is ideal (you can find bikes at the hotel Petit Palace Arana Bilbao).

This way, apart from trying a good pil-pil cod and local wines, you can also enjoy the beauty of taking a tour through the city centre, with stops such as the Plaza Nueva, the Basque Museum of Bilbao, and the famous seven streets that have shaped the city’s history.


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