The key to celebrate your wedding in Valencia

The key to celebrate your wedding in Valencia

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The celebration of a wedding is, for many, the most important event of their lives. This is why the organisation and location are extremely important.

The choice of location is one of the most significant decisions, since everything else will depend on this decision. With respect to the location, it is not only important to choose where the ceremony and banquet will take place, but also in which city.

Valencia is a great city to celebrate weddings. The climate, gastronomy and the spaces dedicated to these events, make the city of Valencia a perfect setting for a wedding. If you have decided to get married in Valencia, in this post will describe some key points when deciding to celebrate a wedding in Valencia.

One of the most important things is the excellent climate in Valencia. The warm and mild temperatures, plenty of days of sunshine all year around, and the unlikely chance that it rains, assures that your special day will not be ruined by bad weather. This allows you to organise safely an open-air wedding, with all the charm that this adds to the celebration.

However, Valencia is not completely free of bad weather and, as elsewhere, it is likely to rain. This is why, it is advisable to arrange with the organisers of the wedding the possibility of celebrating the banquet indoors (as well as the ceremony in the case that it is held outdoors).

It is also important to decide whether the wedding will be during the day or at night. The good thing about Valencia is that, as the weather is generally good, the daytime weddings seem to turn out better than in other cities, specially during the autumn and spring. On the other hand, night time temperatures are also very pleasant. If you add to this adequate lightning, it allows to create a magical atmosphere and very romantic too!

Another advantage of celebrating your wedding in Valencia is the number of places specialized in hosting such events. In Valencia, there are a large number of masias or farmhouses, a traditional building in rural areas that have been renovated and prepared to hold all kinds of events. They are very special locations, as they are surrounded by nature and typical Mediterranean landscapes that bring a special atmosphere to the celebration.

In addition, the masias are usually large and have multiple spaces to celebrate on the premises both the ceremony and the banquet. This way, you will avoid any inconvenience for you and your guests.

As a recommendation, we suggest you visit the Masia Perdida (the Lost Farmhouse), an old Valencian farmhouse surrounded by olive trees and located in Bétera, which has been renovated to host weddings and other events. Another good option is Villa Delia, a farmhouse located in the town ofPicana, featuring a beautifulnineteenth-centurygarden, ideal to celebratean open air wedding.

If you are visiting the city of Valencia, we recommend that you stay at one of Petit Palace’s hotels in Valencia, from which you can easily visit the main attractions of the city, including Valencia’s old town and the Cathedral of Valencia.


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