The last opportunity to discover the magic of El Bosco in the Prado Museum

The last opportunity to discover the magic of El Bosco in the Prado Museum

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Apart from the fact that the Prado Museum is one of the largest and most relevant art galleries in the world, the principal Spanish museum is also a place where marvellous things happen, things that you need to experience before they come to an end.

One of these “things” is now on its final stretch and during a few days relaxation in Madrid really should not be missed, it is the exhibition “El Bosco. El Cententario”. This exhibition of a sample of his work will finish on the 11th September and promises to close with historical record numbers of visitors. The motive? The fact is that the exhibition has the most popular, beautiful and quoted works of the painter in a unique location.

Perfect for all those who have chosen our most central hotels in Madrid (hotels such as the Petit Palace Triball, the Petit Palace Savoy Alfonso XII or Petit Palace Cliper Gran Via), a visit to this exhibition is a unique occasion to review, extract and enjoy the life and work of someone who was one of the most influential and enigmatic of the Renaissance period. As well as the permanent exhibition of El Bosco at the museum, there are also many reasons why you should not miss it.

The secrets of the reverse of the paintings

Lover of enigmas, mysteries and everything that the eye does not naturally fix upon, Hyeronimus Van Acken also known as “El Bosco” did not center on the obvious part of a painting (that which we see directly) but also as he used the tryptic format, he extended his work to the reverse part of his painting. How? By adding details difficult to find and that can be seen now with total clarity.

Details of the most obscure and ambiguous corners

Bright, pleasant, interesting colours that are tremendously difficult to interpret and understand. These are the paintings of El Bosco, an artist who characteristically used ambiguity both in the theme and in the form and figures of his painting. Together with these details that cannot always be accessed, the exhibition at the Prado Museum supplies all the information the visitor needs to understand the intentionality of certain forms, landscapes and colours,

The rarities of El Bosco

We are not talking about rarities of his personality but those of the works that were never exhibited. Also, apart from the exhibition of the most relevant and well-known works of the artist, in Madrid you will find an infinity of rarities that have never been shown in public. Jewels such as small works from his studio, miniatures, reliefs and sketches.

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