The magical night of Saint John in Malaga

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There are only a few days left until the “Noche de San Juan” (Night of Saint John) and the people of Malaga are already thinking of the wishes to burn on the bonfires at night. It is a magical night that is lived intensely in Malaga, as every year, in addition to the traditional bonfires, the city organises concerts and activities on the different beaches of the city.

Thousands of Malagueños gather the Night of Saint John on the beaches of the city to celebrate the summer solstice and officially welcome summer. During this celebration, that is held on the night of the 23rd of June, Midsummer Eve, the Malaga coastline can be clearly seen thanks to the many bonfires that light the beaches.

The most characteristic feature of the celebration of the night of San Juan in Malaga is that, when midnight arrives it is custom to burn in the fire what locals call “juas”. Basically, “juas” are rag dolls that in the past represented Judas Iscariot to be burned on the fire. However, today humour prevails on the elaboration of these dolls and they usually represent a popular person.

After burning the “júas“, it is also tradition to jump over the fire’s embers. And just like in other towns of the coast, at midnight, the people of Malaga approach the shore to wet their feet and burn the paper on which their wishes are written. A tradition that is carried out year after year and after which the celebrations continue on the numerous parties and concerts that are organised at various beaches.

Beaches such as La Malagueta or La Misericordio are the two most popular beaches where people gather to watch concerts, as well as those on the beach of Gualmar, El Dedo or the beach of San Julian. The whole coast of Malaga is illuminated by the fires that extend along its beaches.

If you’ve never experienced a night of San Juan in Malaga, we recommend that you visit this Andalusian town in order to discover the magic of this holiday. It is also a great opportunity to visit all the tourist attractions, such as the Malaga Cathedral or Picasso Birthplace and museum.

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