The Metropol Parasol: What is behind the famous Seville Mushrooms?

The Metropol Parasol: What is behind the famous Seville Mushrooms?

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One of the most fun experiences for all those who visit the city of Seville is to sit in the beautiful and popular Plaza de la Encarnación and watch the reaction of travellers when they encounter for the first time the Metropol Parasol, a work created in 2011 by the architect Jürgen Mayer who has been named by the locals as “the Mushrooms of Seville”.

This structure of almost two hundred meters wide and about thirty high was opened in 2011 under a lot of controversy that lasted for many months. This piece of architectural work (which many still do not approve of) became the winner of an international contest that sought to provide life and a tourist attraction to a famous area of ​​Seville that had become run down. An architectural element that has ended up becoming an essential element of the city.

Although enjoying it from the street is already a spectacle, do not forget to discover everything that the Mushrooms hides inside. If Seville is where you plan to stay and you have chosen one of our hotels in the city to enjoy your holidays in (Petit Palace Santa Cruz, Petit Palace Marques de Santa Ana or Petit Palace Canalejas Seville), you can not miss this point of interest and especially seeing its is less than 10 minutes away walking.

Discovering Seville’s past

Under the floor of the Metrosol Parasol (aka “Las Setas de Sevilla”) you will find the Antiquarium Museum of Seville, one of the most important historical jewels of the city. Walking through its facilities you start to know part of the Roman and Andalusian past of the Andalusian capital. Do you want a tour of the less well known origins of Seville?

Level gastronomy

Before going up to the upper area of ​​Metropol Parasol, why not fill the stomach with some of the delights that we can find here in the Mushroom. What is on offer? From fried fish fresh from Huelva and cold beers to the famous local salad that locals and tourists love so much. We guarantee that whatever you choose it will be hit

A walk through the Spanish sky

There is no doubt that from the Mushrooms of Seville you will find the best view of the city of Seville. Just use the free lift and ascend to the highest part of this architectural structure to enjoy a walk through the Seville skyline with the Giralda in the background and the beautiful towers of the legendary Plaza de España (yes, the one that was used as a set in Star Wars Episode II ).


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