The most famous theme parks in Barcelona

The most famous theme parks in Barcelona

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If you start thinking about the theme parks of Barcelona, the Tibidabo is the first one that will come to your mind. This park, which was already innovative when it was created in 1901, has maintained its character throughout the years, incorporating technology to its attractions to update them, and it is now considered one of the reference theme parks in Spain and in the rest of Europe.

The theme park of the Tibidabo is located at 500 metres high in a mountain with the same name, in the Collserola mountain range. It is worth going up there to enjoy its more than 25 attractions and the stunning views of Barcelona.

The Tibidabo is the oldest active theme park in Spain and the second in Europe, with more than 100 years of history that have given its visitors unforgettable moments.

One of the hallmarks of the Tibidabo is that it has incorporated new attractions and technological advances to the old ones, but keeping the details and typical decoration of the old fairs, which give it a special character.

Among its most important attractions we find the Avión, a reproduction of a plane on which you have the sensation that you are overflying Barcelona. The mysterious Castle is also mythical, a house of terror which has frightened many throughout history. And we cannot leave out its carousel and its roller-coaster.

Apart from the Tibidabo, you can also find other theme parks in Barcelona that reflect the innovative tendencies of this city. One of them is the Barcelona Bosque Urbano, the first theme park created in the city centre.

It is located in the Forum square and it is characterised for being a urban adventure park with zip-lines, nets, lianas, bridges and platforms with trunks in a kind of industrial unit. There you will be able to go through its circuits for different levels without leaving the city.

But if you prefer to zip line across a more natural setting we recommend you visit the Sportscenterland, an adventure park located in Terrassa, in Barcelona. Paintball, zoorball boles, trampolines, kart circuits, zip-lines, multiadventure, climbing walls, buggys and segway, tree circuits, target practice circuits… Here you will find everything you need to free your energy.

If you like theme parks we recommend you visit Barcelona and discover some of its most important theme parks. And if you want to enjoy a pleasant holiday we suggest you stay in any of the hotels of Petit Palace in Barcelona.

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