The most international Malaga locals: from Picasso to Banderas (Part I)

The most international Malaga locals: from Picasso to Banderas (Part I)

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Beyond its indisputable monumental and architectural beauty and being a land of good eating and better drinking; Malaga is a land of talent. A talent that breathes out to the shops of new local designers and extends to new ways of building, painting or even singing.

A land that is known throughout the world for its glamor and its innate magic, and has seen the growth of figures who have broken borders, have put Malaga at the top of artistic trends and have made their domains a destination that must be visited no matter what. A territory of illustrious children, this month at Petit Palace we wanted to review the most relevant in each of the artistic plots. Note the following:

Pablo Picasso

Although he would move to France at a very early age, Pablo Picasso never forgot Malaga. A source of inspiration for his early works, the city that gave birth to him has not forgotten its most important figure, hence, near the Petit Palace Plaza Málaga, there is the Casa Museo Pablo Picasso. A place full of magic and works (the earliest) that few have seen and that is the best tribute to the most relevant Spanish artist of his time.

Antonio Banderas

A man who started being a known actor of Spanish cinema now is one of the most famous, dear and influential Spaniards in the world.

To speak of Antonio Banderas is to speak of Malaga in a pure state, of passion for the roots and his phrase “returning home is always good, necessary and comforting”. A favorite son of the city and older brother of the main brotherhood of Malaga, the actor, based in the United States, has put his name on an impressive seafront, which can be easily reached with the free bikes that you will find at the Petit Palace Plaza Málaga hotel.

David Delfín

Transgressor, controversial and extremely talented and original, David Delfin is undoubtedly one of the most important creative jewels of Spanish fashion. As a relevant figure in catwalks like those of Barcelona, Madrid or New York, Dolphin never leaves aside his land, to which he returns with much frequency whenever his agenda allows it.

Pablo Alborán

Our last illustrious male figure with a Malaga ID is the singer Pablo Alborán. This young man has a very fine voice and began to sing in the bars of the city without too many pretensions. His passion and good work have today made him a figure that sells millions of records and fills the main stadiums of our country.


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