The most international malagueños (Part 2): from Marisol to Diana Navarro

The most international malagueños (Part 2): from Marisol to Diana Navarro

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Last December, in the Petit Palace blog we were writing different articles that could be seen in our log. A special post was written in which we discussed the most illustrious sons of Malaga, a list that began with Pablo Picasso and Antonio Banderas and that continued with more current famous faces like the pop singer Pablo Alborán.

After a few months of playing with more experiential themes, we decided to give shape to the second part of this article putting the focus on this occasion on the illustrious women who not only have achieved great fame but also originate from Malaga. Those familiar faces that you might see walking along Larios street or the alleyways adjoining to the Petit Palace Plaza Málaga hotel.

Marisol, the beautiful girl from Malaga

Although the younger readers of our blog will be smiling as we discuss a character “from another time” (and not very recent); The truth is that Pepa Flores (aka “Marisol”) marked a time in the musical cinematography of our country. A person that has always carried the name of Malaga as her own stamp and that has crossed the border becoming a well known artist in Mexico and Venezuela.

Diana Navarro, much more than couplet

With her unique and personal flair and exquisite elegance on the tables, the Malaga singer Diana Navarro is not only known in Andalusia as one of the most relevant folk voices of the moment, but she has also created her own personal style which has become fashionable with the so-called “new copla”.

Amparo Muñoz, a Miss Universe made in Malaga

Although her reign did not last as long as the public expected, the truth is that Malaga can take pride in having given birth to the first and only Miss Universe in the country. A woman with an incredible figure and beautiful features that in 1974 conquered the most famous beauty contest in the world.

Vanessa Martín

Our most illustrious malagueña is Vanesa Martín, a young singer and songwriter who created unique themes for artists such as Chenoa, Sergio Dalma or Pastora Soler among many others. With a musical style that is halfway between the dances of India Martinez and the style of Pablo Alborán, this malagueña is one of the most promising musical figures of our country and a proud malagueña.


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