The most mystic Barcelona:  the best Yoga centres

The most mystic Barcelona: the best Yoga centres

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Barcelona is a destination for everything, to buy anything and to practice all types of sports. Due to the fact that the Condal City is ambitious and complete, to visit Barcelona is to opt for a place where you can relax without the necessity of renouncing what you like most.

Apart from hiking, running or bicycle, Barcelona is ideal for those who practice other disciplines, half way between sports and spiritualism such as Yoga and Tai Chi.

The Condal City has various excellent centres that allows visitors to practice these disciplines, which also are perfectly connected with the Petit Palace hotels in Barcelona. Today we will inform you about the best and why, so take careful note:

* Yoga Shiva Shakti:   located in Pelai Street No. 11, Yoga Shiva Shakti is a     Yoga centre with highly qualified teachers and with a great reputation. Apart from offering diverse Yoga courses, those attending can also try Pilates classes, Reiki classes (to alleviate stress) or relaxation therapies.

* Yoga Studio Barcelona: if you are new to Yoga or you would like to be a teacher, Yoga Studio is the place for you. Located in University Square, with a price range and timetable which are very competitive, this Yoga centre is characterized by their young clientele, excellent treatment and classes of nutrition and relaxation.

*   Be Yoga: for those who are looking for something more than practice yoga, we can define Be Yoga as a studio for Yoga and Pilates, located near to Francesc Macia Square, with directed classes and Zen space for physiotherapy sessions, tai massage, meditation or metamorphic techniques.

*   Yoga Bindu: this yoga centre is ideal for those who wish to practice this physical and spiritual discipline with their partner. Situated in the Rambla, the pupils of Yoga Bindu can choose variations such as Hatha Yoga or Rocket Yoga. Anything more original? You can join one of the sessions in the open air or by moon light.

*  Bikram Yoga Barcelona: high impact yoga training at a temperature of nothing less than 42 degrees. A must in capitals such as Tokio or New York that can be practiced at any time and at any age.

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