The music of the ‘Monkey Week’ returns for a repeat experience in Seville

The music of the ‘Monkey Week’ returns for a repeat experience in Seville

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“A unique musical experience, unrepeatable and wonderful”, “the meeting point for all music lovers”, “a unique way to make the city of Seville a true driver of new musical talents” or “the best musical event of the year in Spain “.

These were just some of the many flattering phrases that the mainstream media in our country used to sum up the experience of the first Sevillian Monkey Week. A festival that was born in Puerto Santa María (Cádiz) a few years ago and for the second time will take the Andalusian capital as its headquarters.

To talk about Monkey Week is to refer to an international musical festival that works wonderfully in its two aspects: that of “user” and that of “expert”. Being also an ideal platform for achieving the much-needed union of “artist-producer”, Monkey Week is the most relevant event in our country as far as concerts of new talents are concerned.

A place for and by artists

Something that we love about this festival is its ultimate goal: to introduce our country’s young talents with a view to helping them begin a successful musical career. This “professional” aspect of Monkey Week is one of the reasons why the event is still a benchmark and – of course – this means that a lot of producers move to Seville along with the media that puts the festival in their line of sight.

In addition to having an agenda of concerts that can take 2 or 3 out of the 6 days of the festival, the artists participate in special ‘chats’ that also involve the media and other ‘players’ in this field such as sound technicians, managers, etc.

Music for all budgets

As in other festivals that take place in our country, Monkey Week offers different vouchers that show which groups we can see and in which locations. Although the fees range from 60 to 100 euros, the fact is that it is not necessary (and we repeat, “it is not necessary”) to get a subscription to enjoy many of the concerts scheduled in this second staging.

The festival has numerous outdoor venues that can be accessed without cost and where you can enjoy authentic great music. To get there you only have to get to the Alameda area, about 10 minutes on foot from our hotels Petit Palace Santa Cruz, Petit Palace Marqués Santa Ana and Petit Palace Canalejas.


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