The squid sandwich, much more than a delicacy made in Madrid

The squid sandwich, much more than a delicacy made in Madrid

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What for some is an impossible recipe, for others is a real delicacy made in Madrid. Yes, we are talking about the so-called “squid sandwich”, one of those star recipes in urban gastronomy from the city of Madrid (from the neighbourhood bars and taverns) that still today is a culinary lure for both travellers as well as locals.

Elaborated masterfully with freshly baked bread (or bread rolls), fried squids and a splash of extra virgin olive oil (or with some brava or mayonnaise sauce), the squid sandwich is part of that cultural route that gives meaning to the capital of the country. What are the best places in Madrid to enjoy the most famous sandwich? Today we give you some suggestions:

The bars of Plaza Mayor

Beyond the thousands of visitors it receives throughout the day, the Plaza Mayor is a meeting point for all those locals who want to enjoy some freshly made Madrid tapas. The perfect menu? A small wine or a beer and a mini mound with squid and olive oil. A tradition that has reached such a level that many people in Madrid say that Plaza Mayor smells like a squid sandwich.

Whether in the big restaurants (with interior dining rooms) or in the taverns, where the bar is the only place you can eat, the truth is that the experience is worth it. The best location? You will be less than two minutes from any of these gastronomic temples if you start at the Petit Palace Mayor Plaza hotel.

El Brillante

Halfway between the hotels Petit Palace Arturo Soria and Petit Palace Ducal Chueca and the Museo del Prado is El Brillante, another one of those hundred-percent Madrid restaurants, where the squid sandwich is a religion. Although not the most economical (it can cost up to ten euros), its recipe is famous throughout the city.

Los Bocadillos

In the street Marqués de Urquijo is the bar “Los Bocadillos”, a very typical place in Madrid in which to find unique (and cheap) combos of squid sandwich and beer from Madrid for less than five euros. However it may not be the best last resort as this place fills up quickly (especially on weekends at noon).


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