The Top 5 tapas you must try from Malaga

The Top 5 tapas you must try from Malaga

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Southern Spain and its unique cuisine always comes as a surprise to every traveler. In addition to an outstanding cultural wealth, Andalusia is a land full of flavor where traditional gastronomy is expressed in many ways.

You can enjoy good food in every part of Andalusia and each zone has its own special flavors and unique dishes. Have you decided to go to Malaga? Then stay at the Petit Palace Plaza Málaga and if you want to try the finest tapas in town, take note.

One of the espetos

While not actually thought of as true tapas, in many areas in Malaga it is possible to ask for an espetada of sardines for one or two people. A snack (but such a large size) that comes full of the magic of the South and this Andalusian city’s seaside. With reference to places you must visit, without a doubt try out the restaurants that are attached to the sea.

Grandma’s pout, (puchero de la abuela)

Malaga is not an especially cold place and the snack called  ‘Puchero de la abuela’ can surprise. I expect you are asking yourselves why.  It’s because in Andalusia stews and soups have a strong base and are substantial and they also have a unique flavor ‘made in Malaga’.  Ask for it and you’ll be sure to be safe in your choice.

Anchovies in vinegar

The perfect tapas menu for a special ‘tapas’ is a homemade bread roll, or a glass of local wine and a dish of anchovies in vinegar. Fresh delicious and super seasoned, this dish is an authentic seafood delicacy that you can’t fail to try. Without a doubt this is one of those dishes that you will want to photograph and upload on social media with the iPad that the hotel Petit Palace Plaza Málaga  offers you at no extra cost throughout your entire vacation.

A plate of Porra de Antequera

Despite being an attractive well-known destination for sun and beach, Sierra de Malaga has hidden gems like Antequera where you can enjoy delicious dishes such as traditional ‘porra’. Similar to gazpacho, one can eat it cold or hot.

Seafood Variety

Out of all the places where fishing exists, Malaga is the perfect destination for high quality seafood. How can you try it all? With a plate of seafood cocktail with fresh local vegetables and their traditional dressing. Delicious!

If you have not yet decided but want to try this experience of the senses in the South of the country don’t hesitate to check out the deals we offer you from the charming hotel Petit Palace Plaza Málaga. We will be waiting for you!

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