The unique flavour of Seville in one bite

The unique flavour of Seville in one bite

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Although they say that Seville has a special aroma, and we are not going to deny it, we are sure that what the Andalusian capital does have, is unique flavours that make you want to lick your fingers.

Yes, we confess: we never manage to visit Sevillian terrain without falling (over and over again) into the temptation of trying a bite in the taverns of the Arenal, the Alameda de Hércules, or in one of the many bars that are situated in the Alfalfa neighbourhood.

If you haven’t yet tried the ‘serranito’ (hot, grilled meat sandwich) or the Calle Sierpes seasoned tapas, well continue reading since this month we reveal which are the flavours you need try to give you the taste of Seville in one bite.

The ‘Serranito’ the undisputed star of the city

There is a normal sandwich and another very different type of sandwich, a Serranito. A complete sandwich with a delicious filling consisting of: meat (which can be chicken or pork), a roasted green pepper, Iberian ham and locally produced olive oil. This dish is served with fried potatoes and usually eaten with your hands and accompanied by a very cold Sevillian beer.

In the area of ​​the Alfalfa, near the Petit Palace Santa Cruz, there are lots of bars that have it as the starring dish on their menus. Put it to the test and you’ll see.

El adobito del Cerrillo

It is impossible to pass through Sierpes Street in Seville without noticing the aroma of that delicious marinade they make in the Blanco Cerrillo winery. We are talking about a place of about 5 square metres with a bar where you can eat, have a beer and where the waiter writes your order on a chalkboard. It’s a special experience from start to finish.

Although it is not the most luxurious and spacious place in the city, we can guarantee that a couple of pieces of adobo will be enough to get you out of the Cerrillo with a smile from ear to ear. You can find it on Calle Sierpes, about 10 minutes from the Petit Palace Marqués Santa Ana.

Rayas ice cream

The Rayas ice cream shop is open all year round and makes ice creams with an indescribable flavour. Homemade, rich and delicious and with that touch of orange blossom that sums up everything wonderful in the capital of Seville, the typical thing is to go “to Rayas” on Saturday or Sunday after having enjoyed a meal with family or friends. You will find it near the Plaza del Cristo de Burgos, a short distance from the Petit Palace Canalejas.


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