Three exquisite meals elaborated with oranges from Valencia

Three exquisite meals elaborated with oranges from Valencia

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Valencia is pure Mediterranean. The land of “fallas” (Valencia’s biggest festival in March where huge wood, cardboard and papier-mâché statues are made and then burnt) and “falleras“, (in honour of the people who work and organize everything), fireworks, happiness and gastronomy. An exquisite and unique gastronomy with both sweet and savoury dishes. Whether it be the traditional Easter cakes together with delicious fardons, or fresh glasses of horchata (made from tiger nuts (chufa), ground almonds, rice etc.) and with a wonderful dish of paella, to talk about Valencia is synonymous with talking about gastronomy.

Although tiger nuts and rice plus other ingredients can be found at the top of the recipe books in Valencia, there is a product which is 100% totally local with which are made some unique desserts with a special flavour. To what are we referring? Very simple, the Valencian orange. What are some of the dishes of the day where you can introduce oranges?

Toast with orange blossom honey for breakfast

You can breakfast very well with 100% orange blossom honey from Valencia. Especially with the flavour and the texture, there is no base more delicious for recently toasted bread spread with a generous serving of orange blossom honey from Valencia.

An option that will fill you with vitamins first thing in the morning and combining perfectly with a glass of fruit juice or a strong coffee. How can with potentiate the experience? By using honey instead of sugar to sweeten our drinks.

Meat or vegetables in orange sauce

Although maybe more suited for desserts than savoury dishes, to cook main courses with Valencian oranges is always a success. It is thanks to the elaboration of a light orange sauce that you can convert your dishes of grilled meat or steamed vegetables into an authentic delicacy full of fresh vitamins made in Valencia.

Mild flavours for sweet nights

The rules for a balanced, healthy diet indicate that one’s dinner in the evening should be sparse. However, who said that little means insipid, tasteless, and no flavour? Due to the fact that very few things are as full as nutrients as an ice cream: how about a homemade ice cream with a base of local oranges? Not only will you enjoy the sweet star of summer but you will also go to bed with an extra dose of vitamins.

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