Unamuno’s footprints in the city of Salamanca

Unamuno’s footprints in the city of Salamanca

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The figure of Miguel de Unamuno is inseparable to the city of Salamanca together. The history of Salamanca is dotted with the life and work of this writer and philosopher who, although born in Bilbao, spent much of his life in Salamanca.

Unamuno’s footprint can be seen in many places in Salamanca, where different tributes have been presented to the memory of his illustrious figure, so important to the city of Salamanca, and in particular to its university.

But, it is important to remember that this admiration was mutual, as Unamuno expressed his love for this land in many of his writings and famous quotations. One of his most famous quotes of the city of Salamanca is “It is a feast to the eyes and soul, to see the city as the dregs off heaven on earth from the waters of the river Tormes”.

If you are visiting Salamanca, we suggest you discover some of the spaces marked by the presence of Unamuno, such as the house-museum dedicated to his person, Bordadores Street, the University of Salamanca, cafe Novelty, Plaza Mayor and the City Town hall.

Unamuno’s House-Museum is located next to the historic building of the University of Salamanca. It was the rectory house where Unamuno lived with his family during the different mandates as rector of the university. Since the 50’s, it is a museum dedicated to his prominent figure, and has been has preserve as it was back in the day. You can witness the environment in which the writer lived, as well as his personal library, which he donated to the University.

Number 8 in Bordadores Street is also marked by Unamuno’s traces. It was here that the writer died on the 31st of December 1936, a date on which a tribute is held every year. Next to Ursula’s apse, there is also a real size bronze statue of the philosopher.

The University of Salamanca is another of those places whose history can not be explained without a reference to Unamuno. He was named three times rector of the university, where he also developed an important work as a teacher. It was there, where the famous confrontation with Millán-Astray took place, where he proclaimed his famous phrase “you will win, but you will not convince”.

Another emblematic location in Salamanca, where even today you can admire the footsteps of Unamuno, is Cafe Novelty, located in the old town of Salamanca, where it was common to see the writer participating in the daily social gatherings held there, and which was also attended by many other writers and philosophers.

Unamuno also developed an important facet as a politician, which includes a key historical moment when he proclaimed from the balcony of the City of Salamanca, the birth of a new Republic.

Finally, on this journey following the footsteps of Unamuno in Salamanca, we propose a final stop, although the city is home to many places associated with his person. We are talking about the medallion with the image of the illustrious writer, which can be seen at the Petrineros Pavilion in the Plaza Mayor.

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