Valencia and Malaga, two perfect destinations for celebrating the night of San Juan

Valencia and Malaga, two perfect destinations for celebrating the night of San Juan

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We really like the month of June! We love it, we are thrilled by it and it fills us with positive energy. As well as ushering in our favourite season once again, June is the month of great events that we enjoy as a family or with friends under the light of the stars. Events like the Night of San Juan, which following tradition, has to be spent on the beach and with bonfires in the background.

To celebrate their Patron Saint’s Day, there are many places where the evening can be enjoyed with the knowledge that the next day the locals don’t have to get up early to go to work. If this the same for you and if you have decided to give yourself a quick break to a beach destination like Malaga or Valencia to experience this magical night, please note that today we are going to tell you which are the best areas for enjoying the evening.

San Juan with an Andalusian accent

They say that in Andalusia everything seems and feels better and the truth is that we can’t agree more. With a tradition of “enjoying life on the beach from sunrise to sunset”, its many beach bars and delicious grills are outstanding. Malaga has places on the coast from which to enjoy as never before the night of San Juan.

Although the San Juan bonfires can be found on all the city’s beaches, there’s nothing better than joining in the celebrations designed for the day on Malagueta beach (only a twenty minute walk away from the Petit Palace Plaza Málaga). In this part of the city, concerts, dances around the bonfires and the flames from the popular “Júas” await you. Of course, you can’t go back to your hotel without getting your feet and face wet and asking San Juan to grant you a wish.

Miles of beach for a magical night

Although Valencia’s tradition with fire is associated ‘Fallas’ festivals, the night of San Juan is similarly celebrated in Turia on the night of June 23rd.

On its numerous beaches, which stretch for miles (such as the Arenas beach, the Patacona beach or the beautiful Malvarrosa beach), lots of groups of friends or families get together around a bonfire to enjoy toast with sausage and drinks.

If you have chosen Valencia for this quick break, don’t forget to check the routes to the beach with our team from the Petit Palace Ruzafa and the Petit Palace Plaza de la Reina hotels.

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