Valencia and the crafts, a walk through history

Valencia and the crafts, a walk through history

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Valencia is a lucky land, a place that allows you to enjoy an exceptional character, a simply spectacular gastronomy (special mention for our beloved “paella”) and pleasant weather almost all year round. Although these three points are the most outstanding of the community, we can’t forget its history, its culture, its traditions and, of course not, its craftsmanship.

With an imposing multicultural past, Valencia is a perfect place to find unique pieces of handicrafts. Products that you will find in the traditional shops (located next to our central Petit Palace Germanías and Petit Palace Bristol hotels), which are both perfect to decorate your shelves and to surprise your loved ones with a Christmas gift “made in Valencia”.

Silver pieces

Like in Seville or Malaga, the Muslim past of Valencia brings numerous shops that work with silver, the star material of the past centuries. There are pieces of great value and beauty that you can find at really affordable prices.

Since the center is the point where the vast majority of these shops are located, we recommend that you use the free bikes that you will find at the Petit Palace Germanías hotel to reach anywhere in a comfortable and fast manner.

Crochet products

Although in the capital its no longer held, in the villages of Valencia there is still the tradition of pulling a chair at the door of the house to start making crocheted chains with friends and neighbors. In addition to being a way to “kill time”, the crochet is part of the local crafts. How about a cover for your sofa or a cloth for your dining table?

To the hunting and capture of the Valencia fans

Together with Seville, Valencia is the community in which more fans are made and sold. With a totally personal style (and different to the designs that are worked in the south of the country), Valencia fans are famous for their hand painted, ivory rods and lace models.

High quality ceramics

Our last Valencia product of this December month (which can be given as the perfect Christmas gift) is the ceramics. A fundamental part of the Valencian industry, ceramics and pottery in this region are authentic works of art so don’t miss out on some pieces.


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