Valencia prepares for its biggest festivity, Las Fallas

Valencia prepares for its biggest festivity, Las Fallas

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Valencia is ready for the Fallas. Yes, officially they take place from 15th to 19th of March, but it does not matter, because the atmosphere of this festival is already in the air, and you have known and have been feeling it since some days in the capital of Valencia. The powder can be smelt, the open-air dances have already started to liven up the nights, the tents of the “casales” are being installed, and above all, the city already has a Fallas atmosphere.

The Fallas are one of the Spanish fiestas with the greatest international impact and, for this reason, thousands of visitors come to Valencia to see firsthand the magnificent monuments, hear how the bang of the mascletaes floods their body, marvel at the show of colours of the fireworks, taste the authentic paella valenciana and dance without rest at the concerts and open-air dances. Yes, Valencia is ready for the Fallas and we are looking forward to it.

For those who visit the Fallas for the first time, they cannot miss some events. Certainly, one of the most traditional events are the mascletaes that really impress a lot, when you attend it for the first time. Every day at 2 pm, thousands of Valencianos and tourists come together to the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, to experience very close this profusion of powder, the bang of colours, rhythm and emotions, many emotions.

It is also a must to make a route through the different monuments that you can find all around the city and that are always accompanied by their characteristic satirical humour about everyday gossip and issues.

Also, you cannot miss the fireworks shows that take place every night at the Paseo de la Alameda, near the gardens of Turia. The great finish of the castles occurs during the Nit del Foc on 18th of March, when the Valencian sky is filled with the biggest colours and lights party of the Fallera Week.

And talking about lights, in the Ruzafa neighbourhood the lights of all the commissions that have applied for the contest of the decorated streets have been switched on. This year Calle Sueca-Literato Azorín has won the competition. Once it is well worth to take a stroll through this neighbourhood, to take part in the switch-on of the lights every day at 8 pm and in the fantastic music and light show that follows it.

Moreover, one of the most moving ceremonies for the Falleros, besides the cremà (burning), is the offering of flowers to the Virgen de los Desamparados. Between 17th and 18th March, all the commissions of falleros parade from every part of Valencia to the Virgen Place, close to the Catedral de Valencia, to make an offering of flowers which then will cover the large mantle of the geperudeta (la jorobadita), the nickname the Valencians use to call their patroness affectionately.

If you are among those who like dancing, do not miss the many open-air dances that take place daily in almost every tent or learn about the national and international groups that perform during the concerts of the Jardines de Víveros.

And, of course, you must see live a cremà. All the fallas are burnt during 19th of March night, when many people come to see how the last castles light up. The fire devours the monuments while raising the excitement of the viewers. After burning them, this fiesta comes to an end, but the day after people already start to prepare for the next year.

To enjoy the fallas we recommend you to stay in one of the fantastic hotels of Petit Palace in Valencia: they will not disappoint you.

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