Valencian rice, the best antidote against the cold

Valencian rice, the best antidote against the cold

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With our thermometers trembing it is time to get out the polar blankets, pull out the highneck sweaters from the deepest parts of the wardrobe, light the fire in the kitchen and make those warming, traditional recipes that will heat us up in seconds.

Although improvising is always an excellent option, the truth is that in our homeland we have exquisite recipes that take away the cold in a flash and one of the best and most popular in the Levante area is Valencian rice, a hot and exquisite dish made in a traditional way which we love at Petit Palace Hotels.

Typical of Valencian area, this rice with broth is made with seasonal vegetables (be it artichokes, mushrooms, green beans) and with chicken or rabbit or (take note) some lobster. This recipe is ideal for eating with friends and/or family accompanied by a good local wine and a little bit of fresh bread which is perfect for dipping in your dish of warm rice.

Where to eat good rice in Valencia

If you go to Valencia in the Winter you can enjoy all the goodness the area has to offer as you enjoy a meal based on freshly prepared rice. At Petit Palace we have compiled some of the most outstanding gourmet venues where you can try this exquisite Valencian dish:

Mirador Casa Ángel

Located in the Natural Park of S’Albufera (a little over half an hour from our hotels) Petit Palace Germanías and Petit Palace Bristol) this traditional restaurant is an expert in dry rice and broth and for some things is considered one of the most popular in Valencia. If you plan to visit their venues don’t forget to book because it is usually very busy.

El Bobo Restaurant

We know that it is impossible to refuse a bowl of rice with the best quality seafood especially if you have decided on the El Bobo Restaurant. Located on the beach of La Valmarrosa, on the seafront, this restaurant is ideal for enjoying all the goodness of this dish. The only problem is its closing time, which in the winter months is 4.30pm … So everyone should eat early because it’s worth it.

Restaurant La Murciana

La Malvarrosa beach is the location of La Murciana, a restaurant specializing in rice dishes made with seafood, lobster and even chicken and rabbit. Its a gourmet venue on the beach front perfect for those sunny days that January gives us.


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